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December 27, 2017

President’s Message (Jan. 2018)

As we close out 2017 and move into 2018, I’d like to introduce you to this year’s Board of Directors. After a busy year overseeing our transition to a new administrative team and a new website, Paul Doak will be stepping into the role of Past President. Ben Cook is rotating off of the board and will serve as Colorado’s delegate to NCSEA for the next few years. Jeremy Crandall is moving into the Vice President/Treasurer seat, and I will be your President for 2018. As one of his last official acts as a Director, Rob Jackson worked with Jeremy to verify the election results for the open board positions. This was a nail-biter. After verifying voter eligibility and counting and recounting ballots, the race for Secretary was decided by a single vote. Chad Mitchell will be joining the Board as Secretary and Maryann Davis will be our new Director. Thank you to our nominating committee of Brenda Yockstick, Jerry Maly, and Ben Nelson for putting together such a strong slate of candidates and to John Hart and Lacey Goetz for their willingness to run.

This election reminded me of two fundamental cornerstones of our organization: participation and involvement. One voice can make a difference in our industry, from determining the makeup of our board to influencing local and national code adoption, establishing best practices, or encouraging future engineers. The caliber of candidates willing to make a multi-year commitment to our organization always continues to impress me.

There’s a lot to look forward to in 2018: continued expanded programming from our Education Committee as well as our Northern Colorado Committee, electronic PDH certificates, a bylaws and operating manual update, and of course, bacon at breakfast meetings. Make 2018 your year to get more involved with SEAC: invite a colleague to a breakfast meeting, join a committee, donate to the Scholarship Fund, sponsor a student gingerbread bridge team, or get qualified as a 2nd Responder to perform structural damage assessments in the case of national disasters.

I hope to see you at our first meeting of the year where we have the pleasure of hosting the AISC T.R. Higgins lecture.

Happy New Year!

Jeannette Torrents

SEAC President

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October 15, 2016

SEAC Endorsed Wind and Snow Loads: Get the Word Out

The switch to a 700-year ultimate wind speed rather than a 50-year service level wind speed as the basis of design has left many jurisdictions and engineers perplexed. There is no significant change in design wind pressures when using the ASCE 7-10 load factor of 1.0 on a 700-year wind versus using the ASCE 7-05 load factor of 1.6 on a 50-year wind, but many jurisdictions have inadvertently reduced their design wind pressures by almost 40% by listing 50-year wind speeds as ultimate wind speeds in their code amendments to the 2012 and 2015 IBC. Please help eliminate this confusion by directing these jurisdictions to the 2013 Colorado Front Range Gust Map, endorsed by SEAC in 2014 and available for free download from the SEAC website.

SEAC also recently endorsed the 2016 Colorado Design Snow Loads Report produced by the SEAC Snow Load Committee. This report recommends the use of risk-based ground snow loads rather than hazard-based ground snow loads for design in order to achieve targeted reliability levels. Consequently, recommended ground snow loads have slightly decreased in the mountains and have increased in the plains. The SEAC Snow Load Committee has been working with the Colorado Chapter of the ICC to get the word out, but could use the help of individual SEAC members as well. This report is also available for free download from the SEAC website.

Both reports have accompanying .kmz files for use with Google Earth.

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