Lakota Canyon Fire Station

Engineer: Anchor Engineering

The building is 12,400 sq. ft. on the first floor with an additional 1060 sq. ft. on the second floor mezzanine and 205 sq. ft. on a tower platform.

“The building features three large fire apparatus bays and two small support staff bays. The bays are supported with a turn-out gear room, decontamination room, EMS storage, and shop/tool room. Living quarters include restrooms, a fitness room, six individual sleeping quarters, also a kitchen, a day room, and a training room that provides opportunities for both community meetings and firefighter education. It also supports on-site training for rappelling, ladder training, confined space training and standpipe charging with sprinkler manifolds.”- “CR Architecture + Design.” CR Architecture + Design. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Oct. 2014.

The building shell is constructed as a type II structure with a conventional spread footing foundation system with a cast-in-place concrete slab-on-grade floor, load-bearing CMU and metal stud walls, and steel floor joists at the mezzanine and at the roof.

The structure is considered an essential facility. Seismic Site Class D.